Lovelies Hair Tie (A)

    Lovelies Hair Tie (A)


      Each pair made with love by Holly (and her family) and the perfect decoration for all your ponytails, pigtails and the ends-of-plait needs. 

      Suitable to kids and adults. 

      We have two size buttons to choose from 23mm and 28mm diameter.
      And two hair band sizes – small (recommended for toddlers and those with thinner hair) and our normal size (which are 5cm diameter). 

      Here's our story and thank you for your support:

      Lovelies Story

      Hi and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Holly and I am so excited to let you know that I have started my own project called LOVELIES!!!!!!!!

      During our travel around the world and also listening to my mum stories from refugee camps, I have realised that NOT ALL GIRLS IN THE WORLD ARE LOVED OR FEEL LOVELY. I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!!!!!!!!

      So to help, I have started LOVELIES, hair ties, hair clips and much more...
      When you buy a pair I have made, I will make and send another pair to a refugee girl around the world that really needs to know that she is LOVED AND LOVELY, JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!

      I hope that you can help me to make this world lovely with Lovelies!

      Love Holly xx