My name is Holly and I started Lovelies by Holly 🍓

So many people asked and yes, it’s true! I am now 11 years old and I have started Lovelies by Holly project 28 months ago. After helping my mum, who goes to refugee camps to help, and after travelling with my family for 7 months I have realised that not all girls in the world feel LOVED or LOVELY. They don’t even have the basics like food, cloths or hopes and dreams for their future. It is not right and I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!!!

So that is how Lovelies by Holly was born!

With each pair of my hair ties or other accessories I make, YOU ARE CHANGING A WORLD FOR GIRLS in refugee camps and orphanages. Some designs send the same pair you have ordered to the girls in camps with your first name and encouraging message.

CHRISTMAS and POPPY ones are helping FOOD BANKS CHRISTMAS HAMPERS to help children and their families here in the UK.

SCHOOL Collection helps GIRLS to be able to go BACK TO SCHOOL and have pens, pencils and books they need to reach their dreams.

You can find posts and videos on this page to see what we have TOGETHER achieved so far! And it’s A LOT!!!!

Thank you so much for supporting my project and helping children around the world.


Holly 💛🍓